Clinical Documentation Program for PrevisEA Hospital Customers

Hospital Support for Accurate Coding of Postoperative Ileus

Studies show that POI that is clinically present is often not captured in clinical coding which may adversely affect risk adjustment and reimbursement

It is well-recognized that gastrointestinal impairment (GII) due to a postoperative ileus (POI) is a leading complication following major abdominal surgery that:

      Increases the length of patient stays

      Increases the use of hospital resources

      May lead to hospital readmissions and emergency room utilization1,2

The use of PrevisEA™ as a tool to assess potential postoperative digestive health following major abdominal surgery

  • Heightens clinician awareness of gastrointestinal impairment (GII)

  • May be a first step for clinicians to recognize, diagnose, treat, and appropriately document these complications

Recent published research has shown that even when clinical signs and symptoms of POI are present within an appropriate clinical context, documentation to establish the diagnosis of POI is often lacking, leading to inaccurate coding.3 Clinicians often treat the sequelae of POI without establishing the link between their treatment and a diagnosis in the medical record. The lack of a unified definition of POI creates confusion in recognition, documentation, and coding.

Previs™ CDP is a companion program to PrevisEA providing:

  • Educational materials to coders, clinicians, and administrators regarding best practices for complete and accurate documentation of POI
  • Appropriate queries with the goal of improved clinical documentation of POI or other causes of GII

Previs CDP:

  • Creates awareness to improve documentation accuracy
  • Emphasizes the importance of a shared responsibility regarding documentation
  • Supports hospitals and providers in their goals to accurately reflect the clinical care administered and corresponding utilization of resources through complete and accurate documentation, leading to correct coding of postoperative ileus and other causes of GII

Previs CDP was created by professional experts in clinical documentation improvement (CDI) and coding compliance.

For more information, please contact your Entac Medical representative or call 1-845-773-8473.

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